More ads on mobile, more video on social media

Ads are getting more play on mobile devices, a new report says.

Citrix released its Mobile Analytics Report for the first quarter of 2014 this week. The company specializes in the creation of virtual workspaces, networking and cloud infrastructure to enable new ways for people to work better. In its summary of key findings gleaned from a survey of its tier one customer base, says this:

  • Mobile ad reach has doubled that of 2013, yet only 1 in 20 subscribers are served video ads. Citrix believed the number of subscribers exposed to video ads is expected to grow, in part by features such as auto-play for video ads.
  • Health apps are booming. The Citrix survey finds that 52 percent of subscribers are using their mobile health apps now, as compared to when it was first downloaded. The 10 most popular apps by usage are related to fitness and running, weight loss and nutrition, and women’s health.
  • Video is growing dramatically on social media, comprising 32 percent on the networks, while images make up 63 percent and text 5 percent.