Samsung, others joining Google in smart glass market

googleglass_artGoogle will soon get company in the wearable computer eyewear market.

Samsung is preparing to roll out its “Gear Glass” around September, according to several reports. The Gear Glass will look almost identical to the Google Glass, but its design will have its display over the right eye only and include an earpiece.

The Gear Glass will run on the Tizen operating system, which Samsung is developing.

More competitors may be on the way. Sony and Epson are working on their own smart eyewear versions, while Apple, Microsoft, and LG Electronics filed for smart glass-related patent applications.

That means more opportunities to develop unique content for devices that are truly for people on the go.

News of Samsung’s entry in the wearable tech market comes as Google announced that anyone in the United States can now buy a beta version Glass device as long as the company has them in stock. Google recently said that it was expanding Glass sales to more users in advance of an expected retail launch later this year.


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