The pluses of custom content

Business owners are willing to invest more into developing content-rich media designed to engage online customers. But it is time-consuming work to create unique brand information that stands out in a cluttered marketing landscape.

contentmktg_artCustom content, highly targeted information customized to the needs of the specific audience, can make the difference to a business with a content marketing strategy.

Custom content can generate some of the most well received forms of consumer engagement. It goes beyond content marketing to educate the customer by using information as the sales point.

Various studies show that most consumers are receptive to custom content, saying it shows the company is interested in building a relationship with them. They also say custom content helps in their buying decisions.

Custom content is also key to connecting with the millennial generation, the most mobile device-savvy demographic that will soon have the biggest buying power among consumers.

Marketing planners seeking to position themselves above the one-size-fits-all approach to content marketing are finding that custom content is a focused and effective way to getting their brand message to a target audience.