Writing for people on the move

Writing content for the mobile user comes down to a few key points: keep it lean, focus on simple, emphasize organization, make it effective.

mobilecontentMore than 1.2 billion people access articles, images and video through mobile devices. This makes content, such as written and researched articles, in great demand as a marketing tool, but guidelines to follow are also in order. What works for the desktop screen can be too wordy and cumbersome for a smartphone or tablet.

Organization is essential when it comes to writing content appearing on mobile device screens. The most essential information, the main points, goes on the first screen.

Users don’t want to spend time on filler, the in-depth background for people with more time on their hands but not to those with shorter attention spans. Defer this secondary content to the next screens.

This is content for people on the move, so it’s best to bear that in mind. Keep it lean and simple, organized and effective for mobile.