How to Write an Effective Job Description

An effective job description is central to attracting top talent to your organization. One that’s engaging and clearly (but concisely) conveys the duties of the position, the benefits of working with your organization, the required skills, and other pertinent information.

Job Title

This section is the smallest of the bunch, but it’s not child’s play. In 1 to 3 words, you must accurately portray the nature of the position. Make it easier by incorporating popular keywords used by applicants looking for this type of job.

An effective job summary showcases the best qualities of your company and provides a clear overview of the expectations of the position. Simplify this process by breaking it down into two sections:

  • Company showcase: Outline what your organization does and why it’s a great place to work. Detail its mission and vision, core values, organizational culture, achievements, and any interesting tidbits that make the company unique.
  • Duties and responsibilities: Summarize what the position entails. Do so with an overview of how the specific role fits into your organization. Be sure to include key responsibilities and the tasks the applicant must complete.

Skills and Qualifications

This is the part where you describe the minimal skills and experience level of your ideal candidate. It should include the usual information, like required education levels, certifications, etc.

A well-rounded candidate must have soft skills, like communication and problem solving, as well. Use this section to detail the specific ones necessary to thrive in the position.

Finally, add some extra incentive by including a salary range. If you’re having trouble, websites like can be a good place to start.

Call to Action (CTA)

An effective job description must contain a sentence or two that encourages readers to follow through as soon as possible. Adding a CTA with specific instructions on how to apply at the end of the job description is a great way to do so.

The Bottom Line

An effective job description is specific to the needs of your company, informative, and interesting to read. This will help your company attract the best talent.