4 Ways A Mobile Advertising Strategy Will Benefit Your Business

Just as social media created a seismic shift in the way you conduct business so will mobile advertising. The use of mobile devices is increasing every year. According to Pew Research 58% of all American adults now own a smartphone and that number will continue to grow year by year.

Now is the time to devote resources to your mobile advertising strategy. Below are four main areas that your business will benefit from just by creating and executing a strategy for advertising on mobile.

1. Cost

Every business, big or small, is constantly trying to reign in their expenditures. Mobile advertising is far less expensive than traditional television or radio ads.

Mobile advertising allows for constant A/B testing, and offers a lot more flexibility to optimize your marketing strategy.

2. Intimacy

Smartphone users are used to sending personal messages and photos with their device. If you tailor your mobile advertising campaign in a way that mirrors their expectations you can build a sense of intimacy and connect with them on a level that could never be reached with a traditional approach.

3. Urgency

Most people keep their mobile devices with them all day long, and check them constantly. This means that your time-sensitive messages (last minute sales, special events, etc) will more than likely reach your audience and enable them to act immediately. No other medium can take advantage of this type of captured audience.

4. Interactive Content

Mobile advertising is the only medium that allows users to interact with your message. This goes beyond simply clicking a link or image. You can use mobile ads to ask questions and gain customer data. The amount of interaction is only limited by your imagination. When was the last time someone touched your phone book ad or billboard?

The world is going mobile and your business needs to be going in the same direction. Mobile advertising should be a major part of your marketing efforts going forward.