MyMobileLyfe survey: Wearables and content

Smartphone owners are likely candidates to own wearable devices. Watches, arm bands and glasses that interface with apps or computers will make their users more efficient at daily tasks, such as shopping and travel.

Companies are investing heavily in the latest in wearable technology, particularly when it comes to health and fitness, but we were interested in the kinds of content that would interest wearable owners.

MyMobileLyfe asked 98 adults 18 and up in a survey what types of content they would like to consume on wearable devices, if they owned those devices.

The survey shows that the content types most desired by the respondents are: music (61 percent), maps (43 percent), and individual photos or graphics (41 percent). Thirteen percent of the respondents said they are not interested in consuming content on wearable devices.

As these devices are introduced to the public, this information should help your company create brand content that will appeal to mobile consumers in the future.

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