Take time to edit your content

You’ve spent time writing a well-researched, compelling and readable work of content that will educate the consumer about your brand message. It’s sharp, conversational and ready to be published.

Now what?

Even the best written content can fail if you come out as an authority who can’t spell or present your thoughts well. Taking a step back to edit your content can be the difference between content that is consumed with interest and error-filled type that is pushed to the side.

Typos can be glaring. Mistakes can appear subtle and are easily overlooked. That’s when it’s best to give yourself a breather and really give the content the once over before posting it.

Well, isn’t that what spell check is for?

Hitting a key to highlight and correct misspelled words is the easy part. Other problems could creep into your copy, however. There are ways to ensure that your position paper, employee profile, brand message and other forms of marketing content are good enough to get the maximum attention and results you want.

After you prepare a draft, leave it alone. It could be a few minutes, or it could be a few days. By taking a break, you’ll come back to it fresh and find the editing process more efficient.

It also helps to read it aloud. You’ll be able to hear awkward phrasing, parts that don’t read well, and areas in your content that need work.

Active voice works best. Check your content for sentences written in passive voice and rework them.

One more thing: Don’t hesitate to edit out the content that bogs it down. Corporate jargon, lengthy details and descriptions, anything that slows down the article. Remember, you are writing for the audience. Deliver the message effectively; cut out the nonessential verbiage.


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