Content marketing: What was quoted the week of June 8

Each week, My Mobile Lyfe presents a few words, thoughts and advice from leading professionals and experts in the field of content marketing, along with the source from where they made their remarks.

“Double-sided marketing messages will always create tug-of-wars between brands and consumers. But there’s a blatant reality here: you can’t have a brand that stands for healthy when the top product marketed has 40 grams of sugar. It’s like Five Guys marketing for healthy hearts.”

Writer Bryan Evans in Scribewise

“Let’s face it – the World Cup is going to be pretty hard to avoid. So if your brand does a lot of content marketing and social curation and you’re looking to offer comfort and solace to the World Cup widow, do the common sense thing and avoid programming tournament-related news and offers into your output.”

Ashwin Bolar, social and content marketing manager, dotMailer, in his blog

“At the moment of truth, mobile comes in very handy to complete your brand story.”

Jayant Murty, Intel Asia-Pacific creative director, in

“When creating content with an influencer marketing strategy in mind, be sure to focus on the influencers.”

Arthur Hilhorst, digital marketing lead at Onalytica, in Business2Community

“I guess a good way to think about how content works with other teams is that everyone here is after the win-win-win. So we think about it as a win for the customer: ‘I found the best product. It’s amazing and, not only did I find it through Birchbox, they taught me how to use it.'”

Mollie Chen, editorial director at Birchbox, in Media Bistro