The webinar as a content source

Your company’s Web-based seminar can be a potential, viable source of business marketing content.

Lectures, seminars, presentations and tutorials produced as webinars offer a deep reservoir of editorial material to generate articles, blogs and other forms of content to share with a receptive consumer audience.

It’s effective repurposing of content in written form, and there are many ways to do it.

  • The webinar can be the focus of an article or articles that goes into depth about the subject. You can expand on the talking points, or present more research on the topic. You can do a question-and-answer with the person delivering the webinar, who could provide more details in the article that might not have been presented in the webinar itself.
  • Some potential customers may prefer what’s presented in the webinar in written form. Transcribe it using a transcription service, edit the document and present it in text form.
  • The main points drawn from the webinar can be presented as an infographic. People like infographics. Key data, figures and other statistics can be repackaged and presented to a receptive audience.
  • There’s also the blog post. Write a blog about the webinar itself, its main points, the article drawn from it.

Your webinar can offer multiple opportunities to create and publish engaging content for your audience.


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