Go after those who yearn for mobile content

As a company owner looking to get your brand message out to a select and responsive audience, it’s essential to develop a strategy of creating and delivering content to their mobile devices.

You’ll have to convince a segment of the consumer population first, though.

A recently released study by ExactTarget on consumer mobile behavior reveals, among other conclusions, how important easy access to content across devices and platforms is to consumers. More than 90 percent say that access to content however they want it is somewhat or very important, while more than half say it is very important.

But when it comes to the content itself, 54 percent of the consumers who responded to the study say mobile websites don’t give enough content. Fifty-four percent also say it’s easier to find information on the mobile web; the content can be found, it just needs to be presented better for the smaller screen.

Mobile content is more than just optimizing your company’s website for the smartphone. It’s also about ensuring that the content on that screen is as effective, engaging and informative as what they can get on the brand website.

That means:

  • Articles that are written in a sharp, concise and engaging manner that gets to the brand message quickly.
  • Use strong and relevant headlines in the mobile content to grab the user’s attention.
  • Keep a tight focus on your business’ goals. Make sure that the mobile content aligns with your business objective.
  • Encourage call-to-action messages. The narrative about what is happening with your company should have an enticing CTA to encourage the user to find out more about you and what product or service you can provide.
  • Consider investing in networks that will do some of the work to make your articles easily searchable and accessible on the mobile web.

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