The mobile device as a lead generator

Businesses large and small are all pursuing the same goal: Getting leads that generate into more customers and a steady stream of business.

The traditional methods of lead generation – advertising, cold calls, hitting the trade show circuit – must be adjusted when it comes to customers who use their mobile devices to make key purchasing decisions. As more people access the Internet via their smartphones and tablets, your business will have to modify lead generation tactics to target this specific audience. That means content created and produced for people on the move.

Here are a few ways this can be accomplished:

  • Create a call to action that is simple, clear and direct. Calls to action are essential to any content because it helps your business persuade the consumer to purchase your product or service. Your call to action created for a mobile device should include images that are optimized for the small screen and be easy to click on.
  • Clickable phone numbers can be very effective when it comes to generating leads. Smartphone users are more likely to contact your business if they can easily click on the number linked to your site and the call goes through without copying or pasting it to the browser or memorizing the number.
  • Text message campaigns are effective in gaining potential leads. Most mobile devices support SMS text messages in some manner. It’s essential to businesses that want to engage their audiences.

These are just a few of the ways your company can employ mobile device content as part of a lead generation strategy. How you make the leads work to generate business is up to you.

Do you know of other ways to turn a mobile device into a lead generator? Tell us about it.


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