How much for a mobile app? These tools can tell you

You’re a business owner who’s looking to make your brand content accessible to customers with smartphones and tablets. That means creating your own app for the mobile devices.

If you’re an entrepreneur or owner of a small business without the deep pockets of a large corporation or well-financed startup, the cost of creating an app that will attract and engage customers is an essential factor.

The price could anywhere for a couple hundred dollars to $10,000 or much more.

Consumer-centric mobile apps are claiming an ever larger position in digital business. Business owners should take note that the number of people using mobile devices to access the Internet has exceeded those using PCs to go online.

It helps to know how much your company should budget for app development, once you know what you want to turn your brand content into mobile reality.

There are a couple of tools for that purpose.

App estimators, like those produced by Washington-based custom software and design agency Gravity Jack and Montreal-based online talent marketplace Crew, can give business owners an idea of the cost involved.

The questions are relatively basic, such as: What platform do you want it on? Stock or custom interface? Logo or no logo? Will it accept digital payments? There are even questions that offer a “not sure” option.

Once the information is collected, the sites give estimates based on the amount of time it will take the development team to do the app. This can be particularly helpful to cost-conscious business owners. And, it can be an essential early step toward creating a mobile content strategy.

Do you know of another app cost estimator that helped you? Tell us how it worked out.


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