Content marketing: What was said the week of June 16

Each week, MyMobileLyfe presents a few words, thoughts and advice from leading professionals and experts in the field of content marketing, along with the source from where they made their remarks.

“It’s okay to tell the story from a brand point of view. The key is to bring to the conversation something new. You want the reader to walk away feeling they learned something — not that you made them read a message you wanted to get out. Give them something they didn’t know.”

Tomas Kellner of GE Reports, in Co.Create

“If you begin by spending your time and money producing branded content, but you haven’t established trust with the consumer, that content will fall on deaf ears.”

Peyman Nilforoush, co-founder and CEO of inPowered, in

“Social requires a total personal commitment. It’s much like the chicken and the pig at breakfast. The pig, providing the ham, is totally committed, while the chicken, providing the eggs, is an idle participant.”

Kevin O’Keefe, CEO and Founder of LexBlog Inc., in his blog

“If your content strategy is desktop-centric, you may very soon go the way of the dinosaur.”

Eric Siu, CEO of San Francisco-based digital marketing agency Single Grain, in

“If the brand is talking about a topic that they’re experts in — like Colgate talking about gingivitis or Experian talking about how to protect your credit — that’s they’re business. If they don’t know that, they would not be in business.”

Brandon Bergmark, head of West Coast sales at Outbrain, in


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