Think like the customer when it comes to content

Your company is ready to implement a content strategy for customers using mobile devices. The smartphone and tablet users are a key audience to promote your brand and create engaging and interesting content that they will consume and share.

Now ask this question: If you were the customer, what would you want from the company in terms of content?

Marketing pros get excited about the possibilities of mobile devices to promote their brand message as part of a broader campaign. But the “on-the-go” nature of smartphone and tablet users often has marketers focusing too much on mobile-specific tactics, such as hyper-local targeting of ads.

Your company, its employees and your overall business strategy are key assets when it comes to content creation. Information on the company and the services and products it provides is valuable and essential to your marketing message.

One of the quickest ways to evaluate if a mobile marketing campaign is the right approach for your brand is to put yourself in the customer’s shoes. If you were the consumer, what would it take for you to see and act on the content?

If you are at home relaxing, what are the chances that you will find the article about your company interesting? If you were running errands, what are the possibilities that you are going to have the time to act on the message promoting your brand?

These are basic questions for any marketing pro putting together a mobile content strategy. Whether you are a national retailer seeking to educate consumers, a small distributor building your regional brand or a business tapping into a local fan base, it helps to know what your customers want in content by thinking like them.