Choose your mobile solution well

As a business owner, you’ll want to put together a content strategy that promotes your brand to prospective customers who are the move. The move to mobile devices is accelerating, and the numbers back this up:

Nearly half of smartphone users worldwide, totaling some 2.23 billion people, will use their devices to go online at least monthly this year, and over half of the mobile audience will use the Web in 2015.

Android and iOS devices have 23 percent of the organic traffic share — traffic that comes to the website naturally and without being driven there by any specific paid marketing campaign. Tablets make up another 12 percent of organic traffic share. Put them together and mobile devices command a third of organic traffic going to websites.

Yet despite these numbers, nearly a third of businesses studied for a new report have websites that are not configured properly for smartphones, resulting in a 68 percent loss on average of smartphone traffic to those websites.

In short, companies are not only losing potential leads and customers, but revenue as well.

The 2014 Mobile Share Report by BrightEdge sheds light on which mobile configuration – responsive design, dynamic serving and separate mobile URLs — is most effective, the common implementation errors and how it affects line traffic and rankings.

BridgeEdge’s data revealed that on average, for a given keyword, search engine rankings for mobile websites were half a position lower than desktop site rankings. But an incorrectly configured and implemented mobile site could cause its ranking to plummet by nearly two position spots

The research “serves as a stark reminder that if website owners aren’t doing mobile – and doing it well –their traffic suffers,” BrightEdge says in its report. “Armed with the right knowledge, website owners can be better prepared for the opportunities that lie ahead in their mobile journey.”

So, choose your mobile solution well.


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