Make your site content look good

Some years ago, a camera company paired with a world-class tennis player to come up with one of the more memorable ad slogans, “Image is everything.”

This can be said when it comes to creating content for your business or brand site. It may not be everything, but the way it looks is certainly an important thing.

Visual appeal helps when it comes to your content for the web or mobile optimized site. The readability of the site is affected by its design, layout and how it looks to the user. All these should work together to promote the business brand and connect with the use for effective engagement.

Here are a few ways to use visual aesthetics as a complement to the written content on your company’s site:

  • Add videos as content.
  • Use white space between content areas to declutter the site’s appearance.
  • We’ve posted previously about the benefits of infographics. Use them instead of long lists and tables of data for maximum visual effect.
  • Be creative with the content. Use quotes and thoughts from business principals, interview subjects, even customers

Image, even appearance, is everything when it comes to your site. Try these tips to make it more appealing.