The possibilities of Google Glass

So, you have Google Glass eyewear, probably equipped with prescription lenses. What do you do with it?

The wearable mobile technology has many practical uses, giving the owner the ability to record and share memories from their point of view, or accessing and uploading online information hands free. CNET’s Donald Bell has a few suggestions of his own here:

We see a few more possibilities for Google Glass:

At school: Teachers see huge potential in the classroom, from applications that allow students to take virtual field trips to the ability to document lab work from the student’s perspective. The availability of the devices to students may be limited, however.

In public safety: The New York Police Department is testing the devices as a crime fighting tool, allowing officers to instantly see a suspect’s arrest record, mugshot and other key information. They could also provide a record of an investigation from the officer’s point of view. An app under development could soon help firefighters by providing maps and floor plans of unfamiliar buildings, or diagrams for when firefighters need to safely remove civilians.

In medicine: Imagine a physician accessing your medical records, diagnostic information and potential treatment options without turning away from the patient. Google Glass could also become an essential resource in the operating room, allowing surgeons to transmit live video of the surgery, communicate with others and interact online using only voice commands.