Converting scanners into readers

Users of mobile devices don’t spend a lot of time digesting lengthy Web content. One research study found that only 16 percent of people read what they see on a website word for word. Everyone else mostly scans the page for the information most relevant to them.

placeit(13)But give the user good information of interest, and even scanners can be convinced to become readers.

That means giving the user what they want in written digital content: compelling headlines, factually rich material, and strong organization of the content.

Your brand is the message that is being presented in the content. It can be sharply written, but should follow Web content basics. Get to the point high in the text. Focus on concise paragraphs. Use carefully worded headings to draw and maintain the reader’s interest. And even though it’s marketing content, resist the self-promotional urge.

Try these steps to convert the page scanners into readers of your written content.