Why good written content matters

Good, quality written content cannot be underestimated. It should present your message in a way that is clear, uncluttered, concise, precise and informative. The better the written content, the more effective your brand marketing efforts can be.

contentmktg_artIt’s easy to overlook the written content part when you’re planning a brand marketing campaign. The focus often turns toward the integration of images, animation and video content to draw and retain consumers with short attention spans.

However, a Web site with sharp graphics and cool images can be compromised if accompanied by poor written content accompanying it.

Badly written text makes you, the content marketer, look unprofessional and your brand unworthy to follow. Good written content that includes effective, SEO-optimized keywords makes for excellent material the customer will turn to when using their mobile device.

Consider the content as if it was a resume for your brand. Experts say one of the most critical mistakes a job seeker can make is submitting a resume that has typos, is disorganized, or fails to get to the point – “This is what I can bring to this position” – quickly enough.

Well-researched, well-written content is a foundation that you should build your content strategy on. Think of it like a resume that effectively sells your business or brand.