Tips for creating a video content strategy

The effective use of video content is not just essential to content marketing strategy, it’s a required element. Consider predictions that say 90 percent of Internet traffic this year will comprise of video.

That’s a lot of webinars, product reviews, corporate Q&A standups and branding campaigns to sort through, particularly if you are using a smartphone of tablet device.

Well-produced, well-executed video content that’s unique and shareable can go a long way in ensuring that your brand marketing plan takes off in the right direction.

But putting that component together requires some thought.

Here’s some advice to help the content marketing planning braintrust get started when it comes to video content, courtesy of Business 2 Community:

  • Do explore multiple types of video content.
  • Don’t go on too long, or risk losing audience engagement.
  • Do invite your audience in. It’s okay to encourage the viewer engagement experience.
  • Don’t exceed your ability. Bring in an expert with experience in creating and editing video for best results. It’s better than posting poor video content.
  • Do consider your video marketing distribution and promotion to amplify the brand message and expand the audience discovering your work.
  • Do make sure your video content aligns with the overall marketing strategy and brand. Adhere to the company’s tone and style to enhance its image.