Think integration in mobile web design, content strategy



The challenge for creators of a content marketing strategy is making it work for a mobile device. Many ask whether they can effectively combine mobile Web design and content without sacrificing the successful elements of either site appearance or subject matter.

mobilecontentEffective mobile Web design and content marketing can work together to achieve the desired user experience, which is to make it engaging, educating, shareable and effective in its integration.

There are ways to get this done:

For one, marketing pros, designers and content writers need to work as a team to ensure the mobile design and content are properly integrated. The goal is to find a creative way to present the brand content that meets the objectives of the mobile site.

It helps also to outline the content strategy for the mobile website. Ask some questions geared toward how to optimize the user experience. What information to include, and how much of it? Who is looking at the information? Are they partial to smartphones or tablets in accessing information? Try to research, analyze and anticipate the needs.

Consider the device capabilities, such as touchscreens and cameras, that allow interactivity of the content between the device and the user.

One more thing: The content should be extended across all of your marketing mediums so that users can switch devices as they go, and still access the content.

Bottom line: More people are turning to mobile devices to access online content, so the integration of mobile web design and content strategies is essential.


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