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Your video content can be effective in engaging your target audience, particularly one that follows your company with a mobile device.

You’re a business owner who’s looking to make your brand content accessible to customers with smartphones and tablets. That means creating your own app for the mobile devices.

If you’re an entrepreneur or owner of a small business without the deep pockets of a large corporation or well-financed startup, the cost of creating an app that will attract and engage customers is an essential factor.

There’s been talk lately about the use of podcasts as part of a business content marketing strategy.

Take a segment of prerecorded content, post it on your website and gain a loyal following from consumer listeners who find it engaging and share it with others.

Your company’s Web-based seminar can be a potential, viable source of business marketing content.

Lectures, seminars, presentations and tutorials produced as webinars offer a deep reservoir of editorial material to generate articles, blogs and other forms of content to share with a receptive consumer audience.