4 Tips on Effective Mobile Content Marketing and Advertising

You’ve probably noticed how crowded the field for content marketing has suddenly become. It seems as if anyone who has written a blog post suddenly is an expert in delivering a company’s message out into the world.

But how many of these companies focus specifically on mobile?

We’ve gathered 4 tips to help you build a content marketing strategy that’s focused on reaching the mobile audience.

1. Set up a mobile content marketing schedule

By setting up a schedule for your marketing strategies, a company and its team will always know how to proceed. Some companies set up a monthly marketing schedule, with certain milestones that need to be met – a weekly blog, a series of tweets, some Pinterest posts, etc. Successful marketing and advertising is all about having a solid scheduling strategy.

2. Define your goals

How do you measure the success of your marketing strategies? Define these goals before you produce anything, so later you can measure if your efforts have been successful.

3. Be visual

Consumers respond to attention-grabbing, visual elements. For each piece of content you produce, make sure to include an image. Or, take it one step further and produce a shareable infograph with interesting statistics on your company’s industry.

The image, paired with strong content, will increase the likelihood that a new consumer will dig deeper into your brand and discover who you are.

4. Give something of value to your followers and your customers

When you’re engaged in a solid mobile marketing campaign for your business, you want to make sure that you take full advantage of rewarding your customers and followers.

For example, your app might allow a customer to come into your business and get an automatic 10% discount for goods and services. You always want to make sure that people who are following your brand feel as if they are special and that their patronage is genuinely appreciated.

By engaging your audience, rewarding your clients, and using strategies to increase your brand’s reach, you’ll discover how a mobile strategy is an investment in your business.