Four industries that can benefit from a mobile content strategy

A study that we recently posted about says just over a quarter of U.S. companies with websites do not have a content marketing strategy that focuses on mobile devices.

That’s a lot of business walking around

Owners of businesses large, midsized and small cannot afford to yield customers to competitors that have a content creation strategy in place that targets consumers with smartphones and tablets.

Content marketing creation is not reserved for large firms, or for retailers or restaurants or hotels. Creative, engaging content tailored for the mobile device can be a benefit for businesses that rely on personal contact with customers.

Here are four industries that can make a connection with a mobile content strategy:

Health care. People are more likely to remember personal stories than cold, hard facts, and there are no more personal stories than those told in this field. Health care content can be created to enrich the lives of the readers, from educational information about medications to tips on a physical therapist, to patient testimonies. Think of the patient waiting in the doctor’s office reading real and authentic content from a leading health care company about their condition.

Here’s an item about a recent content marketing conference that focuses on health care and how solid storytelling can be effective.

Finance. Money and personal finance are popular topics, and the finance industry is populated by experts who can produce in-depth and long-form content that is very welcome on the Web and informative for people on the go.

Plumbing and HVAC contractors. More than half of all online searches on a mobile phone result in a phone call. As the owner of a plumbing or HVAC business, where your employees are routinely on the move, you want that phone call. If your mobile website is user friendly – it loads quickly, for starters – content can be created to capture the attention of customers and generate leads for new ones. Like results-oriented text messaging or coupon offers to keep customers coming back, or QR codes and mobile apps.

Nonprofits. Storytelling can be an effective form of engagement for nonprofit organizations. It is effective in educating people and raising awareness about a particular organization or cause to people on the move.


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