MyMobileLyfe survey: What distracts users

Consumers of mobile content are distracted easily. There is so much to take in and even more to ignore, that content has to be unique just to get above the online noise.

According to a recent study, just 21 percent of responsive websites — those optimized for mobile devices — were loading in less than four seconds on a smartphone, and that 32 percent of the sites required between 8 and 48 seconds to load.

Slow website loading times is one of the factors mentioned when MyMobileLyfe asked 98 adults 18 and up which causes the biggest distraction when consuming smartphone content.

The survey revealed that 30 percent of smartphone users are distracted when content loads slowly. A third of users said they are distracted by uninteresting ads.

The largest number, 38 percent of smartphone owners, said they are distracted the most when content is difficult to view on their devices.

Bottom line: Don’t give smartphone owners a reason to avoid your brand: your content needs to be optimized for mobile users, or they will look for other options.

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