MyMobileLyfe survey: Why we share content

Making a connection with the customer is important when planning your brand content. As a content creator, you want the customer to not only take in your brand message, but also pass along to others who could become potential business leads.

The content must have relevance to the consumer. It can be informative, educational, can solve a problem or answer a question. The less relevant it is, the less likely the smartphone user will maintain interest.

MyMobileLife asked 100 adults 18 and up what influences them the most to share content on their smartphone with others.

Our survey found that 55 percent indicated the content’s relevance to their lives is a factor for them sharing it, and 33 percent indicated the content’s entertainment value.

Bear this in mind, then: If your brand’s content resonates with the needs of your consumers, they are more likely to share your message.

As a result, more people will learn about your brand, and you will have more opportunities to sell your products and services.

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