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    MyMobileLyfe works with businesses of all sizes, whether they are startups, or in this case, an iconic American corporation. IBM’s Global Financing division (IGF) came to MyMobileLyfe with many marketing needs, including content creation, search engine optimization, and social media coaching.

    We began by setting the framework for a seamless content creation operation, inspired by our many years in the newsroom. IGF and MyMobileLyfe collaborated to identify broad topics related to the division’s financing services and generated ideas for articles and multimedia based on search engine data and social media conversations by potential customers. From there, our team of experienced content creators went to work, and once the content went through our rigorous editing process, it was ready to share across the IBM digital network and around the world.

    MyMobileLyfe also evaluated existing pages on the IGF site and rewrote key components of those pages to optimize them for search engine exposure. We researched the most-used search phrases related to IGF’s services and incorporated them into page titles, display headlines, descriptions, page copy, and URLs, among other places. By doing this, we helped IGF take the first step toward improving its visibility in this key marketing channel.

    And finally, we worked with several IGF members—from social media editors to executives—to help them improve the quality and reach of their social media messaging, starting with Twitter and LinkedIn. We coached IGF on best practices for social media posting, offered suggestions for writing marketing messages targeted to Chief Financial Officers who are the most-likely IGF clients, and encouraged IGF to foster a two-way exchange on these platforms in order to build brand engagement.