Why Invest in SEO?

The question continues to be asked by experts, “Is SEO dead?” In reality, many companies are renewing their commitment to investing and development an optimized SEO strategy that allows their sites to be search-engine friendly. SEO marketing is proving to be critical to the continued growth of all companies with an Internet presence.

Here are five great reasons why your business should invest in SEO marketing:


1: It’s cost-effective.

When compared with the costs of other types of online marketing, like social media marketing, PPC, or purchasing leads, SEO continues to be a great return on investment.


2: Mobile use continues to skyrocket.

At the end of 2016, traffic delivered to mobile devices is anticipated to exceed desktop devices. This is a huge explosion in mobile usage, so SEO techniques have adapted to this change. Consumers and information-seekers are skipping the desktop and simply conducting searches using their phones from any location.


3: It still works.

SEO techniques from several years ago are still valid. There have been numerous case studies proving that the foundational principles of SEO continue to be effective. By creating an effective SEO strategy based on those principles, your company can maintain a competitive advantage.


4: Poor content hurts your standing.

Google is constantly updating and changing its search engine algorithms. Therefore, online companies must adapt their websites to coincide with those changes. Having a search-optimized, healthy content profile can adapt to those changes and improve website rankings.


5: Your competitors do it.

SEO is a never-ending process. If your company is not progressing and constantly improving your position, you are losing ground to the competition.

Investing in organic SEO is more important than ever. Your business must have an SEO strategy to be successful, as it remains as one of the most critical aspects of any branding efforts and maintaining an online presence.