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Smartphone owners are likely candidates to own wearable devices. Watches, arm bands and glasses that interface with apps or computers will make their users more efficient at daily tasks, such as shopping and travel.

That little icon on Web pages inviting users to share the content may appear to be a convenience, but when it comes to sharing smartphone owners are more likely to do it through social media.

Making a connection with the customer is important when planning your brand content. As a content creator, you want the customer to not only take in your brand message, but also pass along to others who could become potential business leads.

Consumers of mobile content are distracted easily. There is so much to take in and even more to ignore, that content has to be unique just to get above the online noise.

More than 50 percent of U.S. adults owns a smartphone that can access the Web. But a survey conducted by MyMobileLyfe shows that when it comes to digital content, many prefer to access it the traditional way.

Mobile content is for people who are on move. They have a means to find the best deals, the most affordable products, and the most convenient way to make their purchases. And they are willing to use this technology for this.

The first exposure that a smartphone user has to your brand content can be difference between whether they click on to learn more, and whether they move on to something else. It is all about which has the most immediate impact with the user.