How evergreen content aids your content marketing efforts

Evergreen content. Anyone who’s ever worked at a newspaper has come across it, , particularly around the late-year holidays. It’s an article that newsworthy, even topical, but is not time sensitive.

contentmktg_artWhen it comes to content marketing, evergreen content is fresh, useful, and can run at any time. It’s an effective and integral part of any marketing pro’s editorial calendar.

Evergreeen content remains relevant over a long period of time. There are many advantages to creating it. It allows for consistency in publication, while removing some the pressure of having to write timely daily content. It also can provide sustainable, long-term content that benefits your business or brand.

Evergreen content offers value to potential customers. It is informational and educational, without being tied to timely trends. It is also cost effective and easy to implement.

Think how-to guides, articles about the business or industry, tutorials, lists, top tips, product reviews – any content that doesn’t have an expiration date and can draw steady online traffic to the website.

Of course, it must be shareable. Evergreen content, from time to time, can be posted on social media to serve as fodder for engagement and conversation.

This article offers some tips on producing effective evergreen content and how to make it work effectively for your content marketing strategy.

Bottom line: Think relevant, quality marketing content that does not go stale.


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