Five tips for getting your brand message out

contentmktg_artQuality content, created and produced consistently, is a key element to any content marketing strategy. The way the content is distributed is also just as important.

While social media is the dominant means of distribution of your brand message, and as published sponsored content grows in popularity, it’s good to remember that there are other channels just as effective and important to your company’s strategy. offers five suggestions for distributing your content, just in case you may have overlooked them:

  • Your company’s sales and management teams can use your content as a means to build on customer relationships.
  • Syndicate your content with relevant blogs, brands or publishers to build your audience base.
  • Email is still an effective channel to reach out to an audience. A solid, well written headline in the email always grabs attention.
  • Reach out to traditional connections and networks to promote your content.
  • Try out LinkedIn as a platform to present your message. With the launch of its Insights tool that helps businesses gauge the effectiveness of their brand marketing posts, you’ll be able to see the results.